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It’s not “in your head”. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard that before. You know that’s not true. When you uncover the WHY, you can get the results that you know are possible.

We can put the pieces together to create a path to wellness. We can unravel the complex  and transform you health from the inside out.

Specialized Areas of Services

Virtual digestive health, nutrition and wellness for women of North & South Carolina looking for natural, holistic approach for:

Digestive health:     IBS     Crohn’s     Colitis    

Wellness: Anti-inflammatory lifestyle     Bloating     Fatigue/Energy     Skin     Aging/Anti-aging    

Blood Sugar Balance     Digestive health     Detox


One on One

Laser focused, personalized path forward. You’re ready to get out of the trial and error trap and know what’s best for your body with Digestion By Design.

Self Help

For the DIY approach to digestive health and wellness.


Learn the fundamentals of digestive health. Coming soon.

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