Hi, I’m Dr. Kate!

I’ve been where you are.

Knowing first hand what it’s like to live with the frustration of unpredictable, isolating IBS, vision blurring eye migraines, self-esteem stealing acne, bone-aching exhaustion; about 23 years worth in total! Feeling alone and misunderstood, unheard by many, told all the labs and tests “look normal”, I knew this wasn’t how life is supposed to be. It couldn’t be, right?

I couldn’t accept that my life would be a series of canceling plans last minute, or having to say no all together. Always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin because of acne and bloating. Looking pregnant when I wasn’t. Not having the energy to exercise, or having to stop because I needed to run to the bathroom.

I spent so much time, money, energy on appointments, copays, foods, supplements, skin care products thinking each thing was going to solve it, and the heartbreak grew with everything that just led me to a dead end. Why was this happening to me? I eat healthy, yet I feel so sick.

After yet another isolating weekend of feeling exhausted and empty from an IBS flare, I said enough. There has to be another way. The answers of “I don’t know” when I’d ask my healthcare providers just wasn’t going to cut it any more.

I threw all my conventional training out the window and started down the path of root cause. WHY was I having IBS, eye migraines, acne, fatigue? Once I dug deep and discovered the digestive health – inflammatory connection, the gut-skin  connection, everything shifted and I was able to finally say goodbye to my symptoms and Be the person I wanted to be.

This significant, life-changing shift led me to create the Root Method so that I can help you Be the person you want to be, too.

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