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Strategy Session

Not sure if this is right for you?

Need some more answers to your questions?

Schedule a complimentary 25 minute Strategy for some more Q&A. 



Digestive Health Assessment

Improving your health starts with improving digestion.

You’re not quite ready to commit to change, but want a deeper understanding of your digestive health and it’s impacts on your body. 

Schedule this 55 minute session 

Initial Consultation

You know can’t keep doing what you’re doing. You’re ready for a personalized approach and results. You’re ready to take the first steps towards a 1-on-1 Program

Schedule this 55 minute session and discover what’s possible.


Helping You Find Success With Personalized Wellness

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

You don’t have to stay stuck in the cycle struggle, or what I call The Spaghetti Trap…where you’re trying all sorts of things *hoping* that something will finally work.

Feel like you’ve tried everything, yet you’re still…

battling pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation

with no lasting relief.

exhausted from chronic fatigue and pain, brainfog

and the stress and fear of the unknown is starting to take it’s toll.

defeated that the scale just won't budge

and the hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia just won’t quit. 

frustrated by feeling like no one listens to you

telling you that everything “looks normal” and feeling like you have to live these life-disrupting symptoms.

How Do I Know

If This Is

Right For Me?


Are you sick of being told that "everything looks normal"? Or that "it's in your head" because you "look fine"?

Then why are you feeling like a shell of your former self? We shouldn’t wait until labs show something before any intervention is begun.

I take a proactive approach to health and wellness and if you do too, then SCHEDULE AN INITIAL CONSULTATION  if you’re wanting to get started ASAP.


You're ready to invest in yourself and get answers. You know that quick fixes don't equal results.

It took time for the symptoms you’re experiencing to develop, so they won’t go away overnight. But, you’re ready to put in the work and you know that an investment in your health now has an ROI of wellness for the long term. You want to live your life with energy and confidence, instead of pain, stress and unpredictability. 



You want someone who will support you and listen to you. You're sick of the unproductive, rushed visits.

I’ve had my own digestive health struggles and have been where you are, feeling unheard and brushed off; being given meds to hopefully put a patch on things instead of actually making them better. 

I created my practice to be the support that I wish I had. I’m here for you.  SCHEDULE AN INITIAL CONSULTATION

My Approach

I developed The Root Method to help women nourish, revive and thrive. 

You’re not what you eat; you are what you digest and absorb. When you reduce inflammation you can improve your digestive function which impacts the whole body from head to toe. 

I focus on gut health/ digestive health because our digestion impacts our brain, skin, hormones and so much more. It’s like the hub of a wheel connecting the spokes. 

When you’re able to nourish your body, that’s when you can begin to revive your life. Revive your relationships with yourself, food, family, partner. Revive your confidence that you’re improving your health to be present for those important people in your life. 

When you revive your relationships because you’ve nourished your body, that’s when you can THRIVE. 


How It Works

Schedule a Session

√ If you have some questions before scheduling an appointment, schedule a strategy session.

√ If you’re not quite ready for a change, but you want to see how your digestion is impacting your symptoms, schedule a Digestive Health Assessment

√ If you can’t go another day doing what you’re doing, feeling how you’re feeling, schedule an Initial Consultation to discover which program might best work for you.


Discover Your Options

→After the strategy session, you may be invited to schedule an Initial Consultation or a Digestive Health Assessment

→After the Digestive Health Assessment, you may be invited into one of the 2 programs I offer.

→After the Initial Consultation, you may be invited into one of the 2 programs I offer; most commonly Digestion By Design.

Reach Your Goals

Upon enrolling in a program, we’ll begin the process of reducing inflammation and improving digetive health.

Women have experienced up to 80% reduction of their symptoms within 3 short weeks! Are you next?

Program Details

Inflammation Impact

6 Week Women’s Wellness Program


-For the woman who wants to take it one step at a time. 

→Includes lab test for 170 foods, food chemicals

→Custom analysis, interpretation and development of your personalized plan

→One 85-minute virtual face-to-face workshop session to discover your inflammatory foods, review your results

 →Receive your personalized book of resources/guides/worksheets to start optimizing digestion.

→Unlimited support from me via HIPAA secure platform (Healthie) for communication over the 6 week program.  You have a question, I’ll answer!

→Virtual journal, food/mood tracker and goal setting capability within Healthie

→Self-study videos and worksheets to help you prepare for your results and personalized plan, as well as:

 →Hidden ingredients

 →Mindset and the Subconscious Shift

 →Habit and Goal Setting for Success


  →and more

There may be more work to do after this point, and you will have access to follow-up appointments to further support you. 


Digestion By Design

6 Month Women’s Wellness Program


Reducing inflammation through food is only a piece of the puzzle. You’re ready for full support in your journey to create wellness and transforming your health from the inside out.

→Includes lab test for 170 foods, food chemicals

→Custom analysis, interpretation and development of your personalized plan

→Four (4) built in appointments: Initial Results (55 minutes), Week 2 (45 minutes), Week 4(45 minutes) and Week 6 (45 minutes), and 30-minute follow up appointments as needed.

→Unlimited support from me via HIPAA secure platform (Healthie) for communication over the 6 month program.  You have a question, I’ll answer! We’ll cover foods, accountability, coaching, education, meal and recipe ideas and more.

→Videos and worksheets to prepare for your initial results and starting the program

→Preparing to take the LEAP

→Subconscious Shift

→Goals, Habits and Mindset

→Caffeine and Alcohol

→Customized hidden ingredient sheets

→Navigating the Grocery Store with your list

→Recipe combinations

→Goal setting and accountability

→Reintroducing tested foods guide

→Mindful and Intuitive Eating

→Customized guides for alternatives to reactive foods

→Probiotics and Prebiotics

→First access to any new programs, offers

→Lifetime updates to all self-study videos, worksheets, workbooks, PDFs