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I have been working through anxiety, and IBS for years. Once I did the program I was amazed to see how quickly and how much better I felt once I knew exactly what foods to focus on in my diet. Worth. Every. Penny to stop guessing, wasting time and feeling alone. 

For me, getting rid of barley was a major shift in my life! I was able to get through a workday without missing a beat for the first time in a very long time, not to mention feeling calmer and having more control of my social anxiety. Thank you so much! 



This has been an AMAZING life changing experience working with Dr. Kate in her program.

Although I thought I was eating healthy, I was able to identify that just because a food is good for you it was in fact not good for me.

Within a 1 month of the program I began to feel way less bloating, less upset GI and  actually lost 10 lbs and began to feel like myself again. I was able to get back to exericising with no problems.

I would highly recommend that everyone should learn how this can help you!



For years,  I couldn’t figure out what was causing my skin rash, UNPREDICTABLE diarrhea, nasal congestion. I was sick of the steroid creams that didn’t seem to be working that well and the embarrasing, unxpected, urgent trips to the bathroom.

When I found out that food could be a cause, I was intrigued. I wish I did this sooner. Making a few changes to the foods that I am eating and my skin is SO much better, I’m not congested and I’m no longer running to the bathroom! Thank you. I’m relieved to know what foods were aggravating me.



Thank you for the help and guidance to put my life back together. I was so desparate, bordering on depression. I gained so much weight, felt awful and spent most of my life in the bathroom. Mood swings all over the place and I was sick of hearing “it’s midlife and menopause”…with no real help. 

After many years of suffering, I have next to no diarrhea and only experience some GI upset when I get stressed. I have so much more energy, lost 15# and have my love of food and the kitchen back!  



When my IBS and constipation started taking over my life, I knew something had to change. I lost my intimate relationship with my husband and it caused me more stress because my confidence was so low and I felt so uncomfortable in my body. 

This was the saving grace, not just for my marriage,but for me and my emotional and  mental health. Anxiety was a struggle for me in busy, new situations and now I feel after having support with mindset in this program, I have a totally new look on life! And it’s made it that much easier to stick with the changes that I’ve made. 

Do this program!



My Story

After feeling defeated by my own life-disrupting digestive health struggles & not wanting to be defined by them, I knew there had to be more out there than prescriptions and unproductive appointments.

I knew that if I was feeling this way, there had to be other women out there who also wanted to take charge of their health, not be defined by their diagnosis, and work with a provider who actually cared about them and understood where they’re coming from.  

When I added 2 hours onto a 4 hour road trip due to my own pain and unpredictable digestive distress, I knew I had to do something more to figure this out.


Conventional medicine just wasn’t working for me. Combining the endless appointments, ultrasounds, CT, labs, and prescriptions that didn’t provide any meaningful solution, I knew there had to be more out there than what I learned in school.  All my labs were “normal” so I was left with the generic “try this. See if that works” recommendations.

I couldn’t stand to hear “I don’t know or try this” one more time from one of many providers I saw.  

After much research, I focused on integrative and functional nutrition and developed my own customized framework using the gold-standard in anti-inflammatory eating that has helped me enjoy all that life has to offer instead of being held captive by my symptoms.

I was able to say goodbye to my symptoms and knew I had to share this with everyone else who’s felt ignored, brushed off, dismissed, alone.

I’m now managing IBS like a boss, haven’t had a migraine in 3 years, no more reflux fatigue and my skin is as clear as can be. 

I’m so grateful that you took a read through my story. If we’re not yet connected in the online space, check out the socials links below. 

In health,

Dr. Kate

My Values & Beliefs

Health is not one-size-fits-all

You won’t see any “diet sheets” or meal plans here. Those foods could be the exact things that are making you feel the way you do. I don’t play trial and error guessing games.  

I’m not going to waste your time. As women, I feel we have the instinct and drive to do everything, care for everyone and try to do it all, being the best we can. But, sometimes, that means things fall  through the cracks. And, more often than not it tends to be our health. You need answers, and that’s why I developed The Root Method with an INSIDE OUT APPROACH to wellness.


The perfect time for change is today

My practice is built in compassion, empathy, service and the passion for what’s possible with an integrative approach and the commitment to improve women’s lives through customized nutrition. 

I’m here to help guide you with a major shift in your lifestyle; one that you can maintain for the long haul.

I don’t believe in diets. I believe in long-term sustainable lifestyle changes. 

I’m here to help you reach your highest levels of wellness and tap into the strength within you to make these lifestyle changes with ease and confidence. I believe in you.

I believe in the 80/20 rule

Food is only 20% of the plan when it comes to creating wellness. Most providers miss the most important element, and I believe that 80% comes down to our relationship with food, ourself and our mindset.  I’ve designed the Digestion By Design Program to tackle all these for transforming health from the inside out to make the lifestyle change last. 

My Approach

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